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My 5-Year-Old Son is a Star Realms Automata – or – The Difference Between a Game and a Lottery Monday, February 6, 2023

Star Realms Frontiers Box CoverBefore we begin, you need a bit of background on what a Star Realms Automata is.

Star Realms, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a expandable, tabletop, deck-building, engine-building, science fiction card game with open drafting and a take-that mechanism.

And for all of you for which the previous sentence made absolutely no sense: Star Realms is a card game where you buy star ships and bases, then use those to buy better star ships and better bases, and use them to damage and destroy your opponent.

An Automata is an algorithm, a way of performing actions for an opponent when you want to play a multiplayer tabletop game on your own.

Put them together, and you get someone who plays Star Realms according to set rules. That’s my son. (more…)

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