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Filip, that’s me. I’m a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer from Sweden. I write short, action-packed books that are generally free from smut, gore, and excessive floweriness. Think New Wave Science Fiction and 1960’s westerns and adventure series (I grew up on equal parts Tolkien, Asimov, Heinlein, John Wayne, and Combat!, the one with the bayonet as an exclamation mark.) I also tend to emulate my favorite writers, who are, in no particular order:

Jack Vance
Lois McMaster Bujold
Roger Zelazny
Martha Wells
Michael Crichton
Terry Pratchett
Ann Leckie
Garth Nix
Raymond E Feist
Kristine Kathryn Rush
Brandon Sanderson
And a lot of others...

Here you can find a list of my currently published books, free stories, and ways to say hello!

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And, as always, some deep thoughts, ideas, tips, and other good things:

So you’ve put out a book, or two, or three. You stare at your KDP dashboard and wait. And wait, and wait, and wait.


Your friends and family might have bought a few copies, but apart from that, nobody seems to care about your book. What’s wrong?

Probably one of these five things: (more…)

Delicious, delicious mushrooms. Nicely sauteed, crisp and brown, with just a tad of chewiness, and a boat-load of science behind it.

I’m getting hungry just watching the video. Check it out:

What do you do when you design a robotic mouse that can solve a maze, any maze?

You turn the mouse microscopic, put a turbo engine on it, and run it like a bat out of hell!

Check it out:

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