31 Mar

13 Tips on Writing Rule Books

As a board game reviewer, a frequent board game teacher, and a thrifty board game buyer, I read a lot of rulebooks. A lot, a lot, a lot of rulebooks. Which is a shame, because many of them are bad.

– FarmerLenny @ iSlaytheDragon

Lenny, over att iSlaytheDragon is frustrated with badly written rule books. Which is why he’s put together a short, sweet, 13 point guide to writing rule books which will kill every bad rule book stone dead within the next couple of days.

That’s right, we’re coming for you [deleted-for-security-reasons]!

Lenny, I hear your pain, brother!

Linky:  Laying Down the Law (a guide to rulebook writing) @ iSlaytheDragon

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