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The Best, Most Underappreciated YouTube Channel for Wargamers and Grognards

This is going to be a complete fanboy rave. That does not mean it’s not true.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a military history geek, especially modern military history, say 1930’s and onward. Not enough to lecture at university, but enough to know what the War of the Running Dogs was, and who Martin van Creveld is.

And I love Perun.

There are a lot of great military history channels on YouTube. HistoryMarche for ancient history, Drachinifel for naval history, Lindybeige for, well, everything (including jitterbug). But Perun stands out.

Perun talks about capital-W war. Not the strategies of war, although he does that. Not the history of war, although he does that, too. No, Perun talks about the underpinnings of war, of what makes war possible.

Politics. Logistics. Acquisitions. Presidential draw downs. The valuation of military aid at replacement value.

And if you think that sounds boring, then you’re wrong. Because Perun manages to make it interesting. Perun, simply speaking, is a great teacher.

He’s also an Aussie, with a funny accent and a very, very dry sense of humor. You should definitely listen to one of his lectures:

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  • Filip Wiltgren

    Yeah, I believe he mentioned in one of his early videos that he’s lecturing somewhere, or that he was a post-doc. He’s good at any rate!

  • Tobias

    Perun’s videos are amazing. He has an incredibel ability to make lectures on dry subjects like the economics of war interesting (and I’m not all that interested in war or economics).

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