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5 creativity myths you probably believe

Illustration: Eureka MomentPsychologist Dr. Christian Jarrett writes over on 99U about the 5 most common creativity myths, including the myth of right/left brain specialization, that IQ is needed for creativity and the myth of divine inspiration, an Eureka moment:

The trouble with the myth of the Eureka moment is that encourages the belief that creativity is a passive process. It suggests you have to wait and hope that you’ll make a breakthrough. It’s true that the final moment of insight often comes as a surprise— a spurt of inspiration rising suddenly from the geyser of the unconscious. But crucially, for this to happen, your unconscious mind needs material to work with. It cannot sift and recombine ideas—a process known as “incubation”—if you don’t first put in the hard work of studying and mastering your field and exposing yourself to different perspectives. That Eureka moment is actually the last step in a long, involved process and not the only step.

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