02 Apr

A Prime Example of Successful Joint Marketing – Volvo LifePaint

Volvo LifePaint reflective spray paint

Volvo LifePaint reflective spray paintI recently came across the Volvo LifePaint. Basically it’s a spray on, water (for clothes and animals) or oil based (for metal, wood etc.) reflective paint created by Swedish company Albedo100.

Now Albedo has partnered with Volvo UK to create a marketing campaign for the Life paint and from what I’ve seen it’s gone a bit viral.

Here’s the kicker, there’s nothing in the Volvo site about selling the paint. Instead there’s a single “get involved” email harvesting call out and a map to the stores in London that sell it (you can buy it online from a bunch of Swedish stores if you’re interested). It’s a clean, non-intrusive campaign which links Volvo to bicycling safety.

I can’t imagine that it’s cost them much, and it’s a prime example of a win-win situation: Albedo gets recognition and sales of its paint, Volvo gets goodwill and emails to potential customers.

At the same time it’s definitely thinking outside the box – why would have linked a car manufacturer to reflective spray paint? Product placement and consumer benefits at it’s best.

Link: Volvo LifePaint

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