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The Amazing Science Behind Fried Mushrooms

Delicious, delicious mushrooms. Nicely sauteed, crisp and brown, with just a tad of chewiness, and a boat-load of science behind it.

I’m getting hungry just watching the video. Check it out:

MicroMouse – An Amazing Robotics Competition

What do you do when you design a robotic mouse that can solve a maze, any maze?

You turn the mouse microscopic, put a turbo engine on it, and run it like a bat out of hell!

Check it out:

Ring of Fire

Because Johny Cash.

And no, it’s not a song about STDs…

All You Wanted to Know About the Hells Angels

Nuff said. Don’t snuff me.

Neil Gaiman on Book Piracy – Why it’s Good for Authors

Getting your books pirated can be the best thing to ever happen to you in a particular market. Like what happened to Neil Gaiman:

Why We Get Bored – And How to Use It in Your Writing

Just what the title says, Chris Fox on boredom, and how to use it to be a more productive writer.

Gorgets – the Medieval Armor that is Used Today

The military world is strange, very, very strange. Here’s proof:

War Crime Analysis for Dummies

The words “war crime” have been thrown around a lot lately. But what is a war crime? Here’s the answer:

A Patiche of a Copy of a Classic – How to Create Authentic Derivate Works

Here’s a story for you:

Alice in Wonderland was morphed into a morphine addict and transported into the 1990’s in “The Cheshire” by Bill Kte’pi.

Then singer Michelle Dockrey read the story, and made a song out of it.

All of them are recognizably Alice. None of them infringe on any copyrights.

Oh, and here’s the song:

Science Coolness: This Propeller Cuts Fuel Consumption in Half

From Matt Farrel: a new propeller design that makes drones and ships quiet, and saves on fuel at the same time. It’s incredibly simple – and it’s been invented by two different teams at the same time.

But if it’s so simple, why hasn’t it been invented earlier? Watch and see:

Dreams of Futures Past Book Cover