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Blurb Writing

Banner - TypewriterSo you need help writing a blurb, or back cover copy. Funny you should ask, I just happen to give out help.

First, read my philosophy and self-help guide to blurb writing. It will give you an idea what type of blurbs I write, and why (yes, there are many types of blurbs, and many styles – try to learn all that can apply to your genre.)

If you still need help, you can ask me to take a look at your blurb. Here’s how:

Sorry, I’ve paused this service – I simply have too much to do right now to take on any more responsibilities.

You’ll need to provide me the following:

  • Your current blurb.
  • The genre and sub-genre of your book.
  • Any restrictions (such as “the blurb can’t be longer than 280 characters so I can tweet it”)

That’s it. Everything else is in the FAQ below:


How long does it take?

A week or two, usually. If I have more work than that, I’ll turn off the email above.

What does it cost?

Whatever you think it’s worth. That’s right, I operate on an honor system (but if you chose not to pay me, please don’t use the blurb.)

If you want some guidelines, you could to spring for dinner (a dinner out for one costs $40-$60 here in Sweden, a Big Mac and fries about $12. Feel free to treat me to something fancy if you really liked my work 😀 ).

How do I pay you?

Paypal to will be fine. If you’d like to send me money some other way, feel free to email me.

Will you send me a bill/invoice/other?

Nope. Honor system, remember? The Paypal send receipt will work for tax and accounting purposes, though (at least it does here in Sweden, check with your accountant.)

Can you read my book and write the blurb from scratch?

Nope, sorry. That would take way too long time. Besides, you’re the subject matter expert. I know blurbing, you know your book.

Have you got any examples of your work?

Sure. Take a look at the Blurb workshop over at the Wide for the Win facebook group. I offer free blurbing there on a semi-regular basis. If you don’t feel comfortable with contacting me here, feel free to drop me a line there.

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