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Book Rec: Killer Content by Andrea Pearson (Marketing Guide)

Book Cover: Killer Content by Andrea PearsonI’ve read a number of marketing books in my day, but very few that pack as much punch in as little space as Andrea Pearson’s Killer Content.

Killer Content is laser focused on tactics and results. You won’t find many anecdotes here (although, since this is Andrea Pearson, there will be a lot of smileys.) You won’t find heavy theory either – you’ll get a one or two sentence summary of the main points, then a link to the survey/study/rapport/other where it comes from.

What you will find is tips and tricks that Andrea has used, and that work for her. You’ll also find descriptions of things that she’s tried that didn’t work, and an explanation to why. All presented in a very short, chatty, and concrete way.

Reading Killer Content (and her earlier Killer Subject Lines, which I also recommend) feels like sitting down to a one-on-one session with a friendly, but very goal oriented, college professor. Who, by some strange miracle, is actually a good teacher.

You’ll get everything broken down, with bullet lists and recommendations. Even the reading order makes sense, and Andrea assumes that her readers (us) are a smart, motivated bunch, so there’s very little repetition, and a lot of areas where you’ll have to think.

Which is a good thing – I came up with a whole bunch of improvements to my own email newsletter just from reading, and that was before I started analyzing what I was going to change.

Add to that the fact that she does start from zero, with an introduction for writers who’ve never marketed anything before, and you have a very solid first book on marketing. If I was going to recommend one book to get someone started, this would be it.


Are you an author who struggles to get readers to do anything after opening your emails, let alone download your books? Does coming up with not just content, but the right content for your newsletter stress you out and give you anxiety? If so, Killer Content: How to Use Your Author Newsletter to Convert Readers into True Fans and Sell Your Books will be a lifesaver.

In this book, Andrea Pearson, co-host of the Six-Figure Authors podcast, will teach you:

  • Multiple proven sales methods guaranteed to deliver results
  • How to effectively use storytelling in your emails
  • Several topics you should avoid
  • How to tailor your newsletters to your specific subscribers
  • The personality type readers respond best to (This one just might surprise you!)

And so much more. If you need confidence where your list is concerned, let Andrea help. Grab your copy of Killer Content today to get the results you want!


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