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Warded Gunslinger

4 books in series

A Space Magic Western series.

Guns and magic in a distant future, where dragons are real, warp-stone ships roam the galaxy, and courage sets heroes apart from villains. It’s got an honorable, magic-wielding gunslinger protagonist, found family, true companions, and magitech in a sprawling space opera.

The Warded Gunslinger

Jake – The Warded Gunslinger – doesn’t want much in life. A place to hide, a good meal, and a quiet time with his pet void dragon hatchling. The small mining colony of Jackson Depot seems to promise just that.

But when Jake’s short-lived peace is shattered by a gangster boss and his army, and the hatchling is stolen, it’s time for Jake to pick up his guns!

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A Graveyard in the Sky

Pirates, space dragons, derelict spaceships, oh, my…

You never know what will keep you alive, especially when you’ve got an unknown corvette on your tail. And when there’s a new one heading to cut you off, then you’d better run and hide.

Problem is, there’s not much to hide behind in space…

A Graveyard in the Sky is the second standalone novel in the Warded Gunslinger series.

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Last Stand at Rimont

A genocide on a space station – and only the Warded Gunslinger can stop it!

You can’t spend eternity among the stars. Sometimes, you need to dock to trade, refuel, refit. Sometimes, all you want is a bowl of good chili, a cold brew, and something to stare at except your ship’s steel bulkheads.

Sometimes, that’s what you get. And sometimes, what you get is war…

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A Duel Among Friends

The gunslinger on a mission of mercy. The friend willing to help him. And the lethal duel between them.

Jake – the Warded Gunslinger – doesn’t enjoy mingling with the rich kids. Not his style, not his battlefield.

But when going begging from one of the Galaxy’s most notoriously thin-skinned group of nobles, he’d better shut up, dress up, and put up. Either that, or figure out how to gun down an entire planet.

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Standalone books

Into the Wild

Nobody goes into the wild, the grey deadlands between the five worlds.

But when a blonde with a bag full of gold and city’s biggest crime lord on her heels comes to me for aid, I can’t turn her down.

And when the bullets hit the rotating blades, and the monsters come out of the rafters, the wild might be the safest place left…

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The Flowers of Crystal

They couldn’t save their relationship. Now they have to save a planet.

Karem Mtembe is the corporate trouble-shooter. Natasha Mirovna is the brilliant researcher, explorer, and leader of men. Once, they were lovers. Now they find themselves on opposite sides of a problem: how to save a newly discovered, absolutely unique planet, a planet that might even be sentient.

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