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A Duel Among Friends – A Warded Gunslinger Short Novel

“No,” I told Riina. “Out of the question. I will absolutely not do it.”

“You will,” she said, so low and gentle that I had to lean in to hear. Nothing gentle in her voice, though. It was like tungsten gravel laced with pure fluorine. “Not because I say so, not because you would do it anyhow if you just thought about it, but because if you don’t, everyone on board the Belithain will starve, and then they will freeze, and then they will suffocate. Think about that.”

I did, for all of a tenth of a second.

“I still don’t like it,” I said.

I don’t enjoy mingling with the rich kids. Not my style, not my battlefield.

But when going begging from one of the Galaxy’s most notoriously thin-skinned group of nobles, I’d better shut up, dress up, and put up. Or I can outsmart them. Either that, or figure out how to gun down an entire planet.

A Duel Among Friends is a short novel of guns and magic in a distant future, where dragons are real, warp-stone ships roam the galaxy, and too much money means slights of honor are settled with cold, hard steel. It’s got cowboys and touchy, gun-totting nobles, found family, true companions, and magitech in a sprawling space opera.

The Bullhorn is the fourth standalone novel in the Warded Gunslinger series. If you like Firefly’s Mal Reynolds, Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden, or Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan, you’ll love the Warded Gunslinger.

Coming in May 2024 to a vendor near you!

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