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The Flowers of Crystal – A Science Fiction Short Novel

They couldn’t save their relationship. Now they have to save a planet.

Karem Mtembe is the corporate trouble-shooter: part scientist, part lawyer, part secret agent and economic hatchet man. Natasha Mirovna is the brilliant researcher, explorer, and leader of men. Once, they were lovers. Now they find themselves on opposite sides of a problem: how to save a newly discovered, absolutely unique planet, a planet that might even be sentient.

To do so, they must overcome their mutual distrust and outwit the very corporations backing the mission. Karem and Natasha have to be professional and objective, but that’s hard when old feelings are being reawakened…

The Flowers of Crystal is a science fiction short novel with a mystery “what if” premise and a strong romantic subplot. If you enjoy a thoughtful mystery, a world full of wonder, and a happy ending, you’ll love the Flowers of Crystal.

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