13 Aug

Friday Links: Do Better Guns Improve Fighting Effectiveness?

Banner: Movie clickSo you’re marching along, together with all your Redcoat mates, and then, BOOM! you launch a huge volley against your Frenchie opponents. Which gets you on the order of 500 to 3 000 musket balls spent for every enemy killed.

But in comparison, using the same metrics, the war in Afghanistan had Coallition troops expending some 250 000 rounds for every enemy killed…

If you’re a military nerd, like me, you’ll love what Lloyd comes up with here. Read More

11 Jun

Friday Links: The Eternal Show vs Tell-Debate

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‘Telling the reader’ means giving the reader the conclusion they would draw, without giving them any of the actions or thoughts or descriptions that would lead them to that conclusion.

Yeah, Patricia C Wrede knows how it is. And should be writing writing books for a living. In addition to her fantasy, of course. But, failing that, we’ve got her blog to turn to. Read More

04 Jun

Friday Links: Confessions of a Clarkesworld Slush Reader

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Why did my story get rejected?

This is a forum thread in the form of an AMA by an (ex-)Clarkesworld slush reader.

Lots of interesting analysis of short fiction markets in general and Clarkesworld in particular. Great if you’re submitting or planning to submit to the big mags.

Pay close attention to the “I slushed 2000 stories, passed up 150-300 to the editor, and none of those got published.” Read More