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Friday Links * 2: Dealing With Perfectionism

This is the most important writing and craft related article you will ever read. Allow me to quote from it:

So I change my students’ mindset to a reader/editor mindset. How do I do it? By giving them only three valid responses to something they’ve read:

  1. I liked what I read.
  2. I quit on page [insert number here].
  3. I liked what I read and I would have bought this.

That’s Kristine Kathryn Rush. Go read. It will change your life.

The Business Rusch: Perfection

And as a bonus: Why no one has measured the speed of light

c, the speed of light, the most fundamental constant in the universe – except that no one knows what it is. That whole 300 000 km/second is merely a convention, assuming that the speed of light is constant. But it’s an assumption Einstein made. There’s nothing in physics saying you can’t have different speeds of light, depending on which way you’re traveling… A great video from Veritasium – set aside 20 minutes and prepare to have your mind blown!

Dreams of Futures Past Book Cover

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