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Friday Links * 2: Getting Good Critiques

Banner Mouse ClickFantasy writer Patricia C Wrede on how to train your first readers to give you the type of feedback that’s valuable to you. Really eye-opening if you haven’t thought about it before.

Patricia C. Wrede on Getting Good Critiques

And as a bonus:

How Cognitive Bias Messes With Your Mind

You know how there’s a new drug/terror organization/danger/evil overlord, and suddenly it’s everywhere? No matter where you turn, there they are, big and threatening. The world is going to die!!!

Well, it turns out that it’s far from true. What happens is that our minds are more prone to see things we’ve recently learned. And they’re prone to creating patterns out of what we see. So we learn something, start noticing it, and, voila! we’re seeing it everywhere.

How Cognitive Bias Messes With Your Mind

Dreams of Futures Past Book Cover

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