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Friday Links * 2: The Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse

Banner: Movie clickWhen reality beats movies. Old geezers, World War II, spies, everything you need from a good story, and then Lindybeige, the master of WWII storytelling, to make a good story great. Be warned, it’s 1,5 hours long, but there are pictures.

The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse – how middle-aged amateurs defeated the German navy

And as a bonus:

Ever wonder how big Australia really is? Or if Sweden or Italy is longer? A regular, Mercantor-projection map won’t show you, as it stretches countries near the poles. But with, you can find out. It lets you pick a country, and move it to anywhere in the world, scaling it accordingly.

The True Size

Dreams of Futures Past Book Cover

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