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Friday Links: Boredom and Magic

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Hard magic systems or hard for magic systems?

An introduction to hard magic systems (in the Brandon Sanderson sense) in Fantasy, as told through pop culture and a rocking Gandalf. And pretty good information, too.

Featuring Avatar the Airbender. And such.

Bonus: Will the Rich Future Bring Nothing but Boredom?

What do you do, when you don’t have to do anything?

We become richer, safer, healthier, and more depressed. Or as some psychologists suggest: “Depression is a luxury disease.”

Of course, in a society where everything is free, or mostly so, what is there to do when you’ve got infinite choices?

A good question to ask, and no real answer. But it will be interesting to live through the next fifty years and see.

Linky: SingularityHub – The Challenge of Abundance: Boredom, Meaning, and the Struggle of Mental Freedom


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