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Friday Links: Confessions of a Clarkesworld Slush Reader

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Why did my story get rejected?

This is a forum thread in the form of an AMA by an (ex-)Clarkesworld slush reader.

Lots of interesting analysis of short fiction markets in general and Clarkesworld in particular. Great if you’re submitting or planning to submit to the big mags.

Pay close attention to the “I slushed 2000 stories, passed up 150-300 to the editor, and none of those got published.”

Yeah, it’s a brutal, grueling slog to get into the magazines, and it’s not enough to have a great story and a great fit – you also have to be right on time and on theme du jour.

Linky: Slushpile Answers

Bonus: The Truth about Space War

So, Space War. Which might realistically boil down to who has the best cooling solution. Or you’d boil inside your ship. Also, lasers.

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