23 Apr

Friday Links: Study Less – Study Smart!

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I’ve got a soft spot for learning methods.

Anything that promises to be a productivity hack gets my attention. This video is a quick and sometimes brutal overview of how to study, it’s aimed at students but works for everyone.

Also, I wish I’d found it earlier because I’ve already implemented a number of those techniques on my own. Watching a 12 minute video would have been a much faster way of doing it.

Bonus: Getting Extreme Amounts Done (featuring tracking with Charts McChartly)

Here’s a guy who works 40-60 hours a week – and then writes 2k words of research notes each day. And makes 24-hour long war documentaries. And has a lot of fun.

Watch it and be inspired. Also, get some Pomodoro, Eisenhower matrix, and chunking tips.

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