10 Dec

If a Mouse can Do It, You ¤%”# Well Can Too!

There’s this mouse, see, and he finds this cracker, this giant, humongous, big-ass cracker. Huge.

And he tries to haul it home. And fails.

Here’s Mr. Mouseman, finding the chow of his life, and he fails to bring it home. What’s he gonna do?

He tries again. And again. And again.

And he fails.

32 times he fails. That’s like, a mouse maniac. Proof that mice are idiots. Give up already! Except that he doesn’t. He tries again.

And succeed.

If a bleeding mouse can do it, so can you! Find your dream. Find your goal. Fail. And fail again, and again, until you succeed. Do it.

Do it now.

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