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Rejections and Dejections – January

Rejections and Dejections GraphThis month I’ve been taking it easy. Literally  – I’ve been spending time with family, eating good food and swimming.

I’ve also been bad at keeping track of my work, thus the “completed” words are more than the “new words”.


  • New words of fiction: 3 500(that too low – lazy keeping track)
  • Completed stories: 2
  • Completed words: 5 200
  • Submissions: 5
  • Rejections: 5
  • Sales: 0
  • Published stories: 2 (Yay! My stories in Daily SF and Nature are out!)

Well, I’ve been all right with taking it easy. One has to have vacation periods as well. And the two stories I completed I’m very happy with. Hopefully there will be some sales soon, but I’m not stressing it.

I’ve got a few queries to send out, both to magazines that accepted my stories but that I didn’t hear from after that, and from magazines that haven’t replied. That will add a few more responses next month.


  • 1 650 new words.
  • 2 new blog posts.

I’ve been eating into my buffer, which is at an uncomfortable 2 (and that’s not online yet, I’ve got to edit and post them), and I’ve got to do something about that. I haven’t done much with my side project either. But hey, vacation!

Game Design

  • New prototypes: 2
  • Playtests: 0

Ok, I’ve come up with two new prototypes this month, which is a lot more than I’ve been doing the last months. Now all I need to do is playtest them and see if there’s anything there that will work.

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  • Hi Filip,
    I’m a long time lurker. Please accept this minor editting comment in the spirit it is intended.

    Being old, I found it very hard to read the section “Fiction”. I could see the bit that said ‘Rejections’ just fine. But below that, was a bit that said: ‘Published Stories’ that was very hard to read. Please could you make that line into a bigger font, say about 15000 point text. Also print it out and put it on the wall in your Den, in case I ever come round and visit you.

    Seriously, Congratulations! I enjoyed “There is a Beep!”. It read like a time travel film that I’d enjoyed and couldn’t remember the name of, and then went into a bar and heard a beep.

    Thank you for the blog,

    • Filip Wiltgren

      Hi Narla,

      Thanks for the comments. I’m not that great with WordPress themes but I’ll try to tinker with it and see if I can make it more readable.

      • Filip Wiltgren

        … And if the site becomes “temporarily unavailable” you’ll know that I tried 😀

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