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Rejections and Dejections – March

Rejections and Dejections GraphSo this month’s been interesting. I went on an emotional roller coaster with both my writing and my life. Generally, looking back, I’m happy how things turned out with my writing.


  • New words of fiction: 10 900, which is the best of any month since I started tracking.
  • Completed stories: 5
  • Completed words: 9 500
  • Submissions: 15
  • Rejections: 14
  • Sales: 0 *sigh*
  • Published stories: 0 *double sigh*
  • Currently submitted stories: 20 (of 22 total in circulation)

Well, no sales and a bunch of rejections this month. I’ve still got one story shortlisted, which is nice, but no sale. I sent out a story I was very sure would sell right off the bat, but no such luck. I’ve also retired a couple of stories because they were, well, not up to what I’m writing now. One day I’ll either rewrite them from scratch or decide to trunk them permanently.

My most rejected story so far has amassed 14 rejections and is still in circulation – I’m proud of that one and not likely to give up on it anytime soon. But no sale yet, so here’s hoping.


  • 5 700 new words.
  • 4 new blog posts.

This blog keeps being my main outlet for non-fiction (apart from work, which I’m not counting here). I’m not doing anything special, but neither am I giving up on it. I’m noticing that my posts are getting longer and more complex, with more background and links. I’m not sure if it’s good, but it sure makes them more interesting to write. And I intend to keep on writing them.

I also managed to get an interview with an amazing writer, whom I’ve mentioned previously here on the blog, and will write it up for next month (probably).

Game design

  • New prototypes: 1
  • Playtests: 0
  • Games Played: A lot (didn’t keep track)

Well, one new prototype, or at least in the prototyping stage. Not much else done.

I played a lot of games though, mainly the new Through the Ages and a whole bunch of shorter games. Of those I recommend Eight Minute Empires, which gives a lot of bang for the buck, considering that it’s a 15 minute filler game.

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