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Review: Cardboard Edison – Hobby gaming aggregator

Cardboard Edison logoCardboard Edison is a tabletop game design aggregator site run by Chris and Suzanne Zinsli (whose game Tessen is out from van Ryder games). And when I say run I mean “like an oiled horse on speed”. How they manage to scour all the top sources for game designer information, compress them into Twitter sized blurbs and publish the news Every Single Day is beyond me.

Simply speaking it’s impressive.

Of course, they do chose what to publish. And there are things that you won’t find interesting (possibly most things, depending on what you’re after). But since the layout is simple and aimed at clarity it takes very little time to scan Cardboard Edison. Thus you can rapidly sift through the dross to find the grains of gold.

Cardboard Edison feedIf there’s one thing that could be improved with Cardboard Edison is that it’s easy to get lulled into the feeling that you see everything that’s published about game design while it’s not. What you’re seeing is a curate aggregate of the best game design resources according to the Zinsli’s – who run Cardboard Edison in their spare time, making the level of content and reach even more impressive.

So subscribe to Cardboard Edison, but don’t rely on it alone; find your favorite sites and subscribe to them as well, even if they are aggregated here.


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