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RT Awesomeness: 9 Undeniable Reasons Board Games Are Awful

Ever have that experience where you explain that you play boardgames and suddenly everyone looks at you like you’re that strange kid who liked to electrocute frogs in biology class?

I know I have. So has Futurewolfie of

Let’s face it: in between the pathetically minute moments of exhilaration and victory, large chunks of our hobby are consumed by terrible, terrible things. Yes, that’s right, playing board games is like trying to swim 20 laps in a swimming pool with a brick tied to your ankles, and calling the brief gasps of air you desperately inhale whenever you can “fun”.  This hobby is just bad, and I’m about to prove it to you with generally infallible logic in 9 simple steps.

Linky: 9 reasons board games are awful @ islaythedragon

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