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Sales and Submissions – August 2016

Sales and SubmissionsSo there hasn’t been a new blog post for a while. It’s one of those IRL things – when time and energy become scarce I’ve needed to prioritize. And I’ve chosen writing above writing about writing.

But here’s an update about what’s been going on.


Last month I wrote 3 700 new words of fiction, which is  61 % of the previous month’s total and 45 % of my 1 year running monthly average. I completed 3 stories for a total of 2 800 words, which is 243 % of the previous month’s total and 59 % of my 1 year average. All in all, the month was below average.

I submitted 12 times and got 9 rejections (if you’re wondering how that adds up: these are rejections for submissions from previous months). I also sold 1 story, had no stories published, and I have 19 stories currently submitted and waiting for a response.

Since I started keeping track in late 2014 I’ve written 138 230 words of fiction.

Well, I didn’t do too well in August. The beginning of the month was bad, with me struggling to find motivation to write. I had a whole stack of rejections come in at once in July and that knocked me down even further (there’s no Sales and Submissions for July).

But somehow I’ve started to put myself back together. At the end of the month I started sending out new submissions again. I started writing a bit as well. And I’m working on a new way to prioritize and keep track of what I’m doing, which is opening my eyes to the fact that I am accomplishing things even when everything feels like I’m swimming in molasses.


Last month I wrote 0 new words, which is 0 % of the previous month’s total and 0 % of my 1 year running monthly average. I finished 0 new blog posts for a total of 0 words, which is 0 % of the previous month’s total and 0 % of my 1 year running monthly average.. That makes the month absolutely abysmal. I also got 10 new subscribers to my email list.

Since I started keeping track in late 2014, I’ve written 121 980 words of non-fiction.

Ugh. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Yeah.

But the key thing is to not beat myself up about what I’ve done. Better to do better next month. And I’ve already written up one article that just needs a bit more work. So I’m getting out of this slump as well.

Game Design

Last month I created 0 new prototypes, updated 0 prototype and ran 0 playtests. I played 15 games and my most liked game has been Carcassonne, which I played 8 times.

Same here, not much to report. I’ve played some games, which is always fun, but haven’t done any designing. But I’m working up the steam to do so, soon.

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