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Sales and Submissions – June 2016

Sales and SubmissionsI’ve been doing something wrong. I’ve been calling it my Rejections and Dejections. Of course I’ll never sell anything that way. So from now on it’s “Sales and Submissions”.

And, yeah, I did think of calling it “Sales and Sunshine”.


Last month I wrote 4 850 new words of fiction, which is 35 % of the previous month’s total and 52 % of my 1 year running monthly average. I completed 2 stories for a total of 650 words, which is 7 % of the previous month’s total and 12 % of my 1 year average. All in all, the month was substantially below average.

I submitted 21 times and got 19 rejections (if you’re wondering how that adds up: these are rejections for submissions from previous months). I also sold 1 story, had no stories published, and I have 22 stories currently submitted and waiting for a response.

Since I started keeping track in late 2014 I’ve written 127 630 words of fiction.

Last month I crashed. Completely. I lost my will to write, I stopped enjoying writing and my efforts to push through fell flat.

It happens, I guess. What I did wrong was trying to push through when I was getting writing exhaustion. At the end of the month I gave up, and let myself rest without feeling guilty, and that made me want to write again, which I’ve, slowly, started doing.

This month I plan to take things as they may fall, and not push myself beyond what I can handle right now. Yeah, it’s going to be slow going, and I’m not coming closer to my goals of becoming a pro writer any faster, but I’d rather throw in a resting month than burn out and stop writing, or worse, getting a permanent writer’s block.


Last month I wrote 5 500 new words, which is 85 % of the previous month’s total and 87 % of my 1 year running monthly average. I finished 5 new blog posts for a total of 6 500 words, which is 127 % of the previous month’s total and 117 % of my 1 year running monthly average.. That makes the month about average. I also got 9 new subscribers to my email list.

Since I started keeping track in late 2014, I’ve written 117 930 words of non-fiction.

Same here; no motivation to write. ‘Nuff said. Summer’s around the corner and I intend to do a lot of reading and resting.

Game Design

Last month I created 0 new prototypes, updated 1 prototype and ran 4 playtests. I played 15 games and my most liked game has been Through the Ages, which I played 1 times.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and balancing on paper last month, but didn’t have much time to playtest. I did run a couple of successful playtests on Midsummer, which surprised me as they were with a group that I hadn’t figured would like the game. I got some great feedback along the lines of where the game breaks down in presentation, so now I’ve updated the prototype and will be testing the new one soon.

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