Story Links

Short version of my bibliography with links to my published stories accessible on the web (free reads!).


Butterfly Loop – Jersey Devil Press, Issue 60, November 2014

Cinderella’s return; Nanoism, March 2015

Give them to me; Saturday Night Reader, May 2015

The Last Breakfast of Corporal Ashton the Blessed – Jersey Devil Press, Issue 66, May 2015

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Ghost of the Ashwydds – Daily Science Ficiton, January 2016

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Brick in a Wall; New Realm, February 2016

Dressed in Black; Sci Phi Journal, February 2016

Self-Limited; Nature Futures, Nature Magazine, Volume 535 Number 7613, July 2016

Bed of the Crimson King; Grimdark Magazine, Issue 9, October 2016

Reprinted in: Far-Fetched Fables, No. 141, January 2017

Censored Addendum to Yoshimoto Hano’s History of the Empire; Daily Science Ficiton, December 2016

Of Dreams and Song; Enter the Apocalypse / ed. Thomas Gondolfi, TANSTAAFL Press, March 2017

One Divided by Eternity; Metaphorosis, June 2017

Wave Function Collapse; Daily Science Ficiton, June 2017

Rowboats – A Cautionary Tale of Linguistics; Metaphorosis, December 2017

Knots; Daily Science Ficiton, March 2018

When Nain Came to Shirin’s Door; Nature Futures, Nature Magazine, Volume 557 Number 7705, May 2018

The Firstborn Daughter; Inferno! Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer Volume 1, Black Library, October 2018

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To Tend a Garden; Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue 66, December 2018

A House on the Volga; Metaphorosis, November 2018

Reprinted in: Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018

Who Are You?; Gorgon: Stories of Emergence, Pantheon Magazine, February 2019

Our Mom-Bot Isn’t Happy; Daily Science Ficiton, March 2019

The No-Nonsense, Bare-Necessities Guide to the Upcoming Apocalypse; Daily Science Ficiton, July 2019

Body and Soul; Daily Science Fiction, July 2019

Firstborn Exile; Inferno! Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer Volume 4, Black Library, October 2018

Tisvin Keeps Screaming; Jalada Africa, Bodies Anthology, December 2019

A Prayer to the Fundamental DOS; Future SF Digest, December 2019

Permanent Residency; StarShipSofa, January 2020

A Girl’s Best Friend; Harbringer Press, January 2020

Alien, Go Home; Nature Futures, March 2020

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Ennui; Analog Science Fiction and Fact, No. 07-08/20, June 2020

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Someday; Daily Science Fiction, August 2020

The Liar’s Sun; Flash Fiction Online, September 2020

Long Way Home; Uprising, a Necromunda Anthology, Games Workshop Black Library, September 2020


I Am Here for Your Safety; Cockroach Conservatory

Yaakov, Meyn Bruder; Kaleidotrope, 2021

Mirror; Kzine, Jan 2021


Advice for the Invariable Moment when You Decide to Quit – SFWA Blog, January 2019

A Tiny Bit of Mathemagic – SFWA Blog, August 2019

Star Trek Will Save the World! – SFWA Blog, October 2019