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What do you do with your marijuana when you don’t want to smoke it?

Well, you could build houses from it. Like Hemp-crete. Which isn’t weed, but it’s association with drugs has caused us to miss out on some amazing features. Check out the movie:

Meat. It’s bad. Bad-bad. Really bad-bad.


Or maybe not.

Everyone’s got an opinion about food. That makes it hard to discuss. But there are some things that are easier to grasp and compare than others, and the science is there. Check what Kurzgesagt says about it:

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So, like, global warming? Well…

Here’s what happens when you get a top-notch scientific cartoonist to plot 22 000 years of temperature in one image. (more…)

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How much energy does it take to fuel an electric car? And is it really all that environmentally friendly?

Turns out there are studies of this, and the results are somewhat surprising. Check out the “energy needed to bring the electricity to the car” column… (more…)