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What do you do when you design a robotic mouse that can solve a maze, any maze?

You turn the mouse microscopic, put a turbo engine on it, and run it like a bat out of hell!

Check it out:

Just what the title says, Chris Fox on boredom, and how to use it to be a more productive writer.

Here’s a story for you:

Alice in Wonderland was morphed into a morphine addict and transported into the 1990’s in “The Cheshire” by Bill Kte’pi.

Then singer Michelle Dockrey read the story, and made a song out of it.

All of them are recognizably Alice. None of them infringe on any copyrights.

Oh, and here’s the song:

In 2007, Terry Pratchett (and if you haven’t heard of Terry, you really have no business calling yourself a fantasy reader) was diagnosed with PCA, a form of Alzheimer’s disease. He was 59 years old at the time, making it an early onset dementia.

Choosing to battle it, he made a public announcement a few months later, and agreed to have a BBC camera crew follow him every day for a year to show how living with Alzheimer’s could be.

Here’s the first part of the documentary:

So the US Department of Agriculture is giving away wasps. Real, live wasps. And incredibly, it’s not only a good thing, but it’s a necessary thing. Check it out:

What attention to detail can do…

Also, all the family loves it!

And just because it’s awesome: the behind-the-mic version with 25 singers.

  1. Stop making excuses and write.
  2. Stop whining and write.
  3. Stop fucking around and write.
  4. I take my own advice.

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Another restful video, this one’s got subtitles with the research notes to what’s going on.

A peaceful video today – making high-quality shoes by hand:

Fun little fact film, and the fact that you didn’t have money the way we think of it until the late 1800’s, and you’d have dollars issued by your local bank, which could be worthless in the next city over…