31 Mar

It’s Never Too Late! – 99-Year-Old WWII Vet Publishes First Book

Misty Mountains bannerThis goes into the “inspiring” file: a 99-year-old veteran of the US Marine corps bought his first computer at age 95, and has now published a children’s book.

“Most of us have a bucket list that we never have time to do, until life presents us with spare time, and that is what happened to me.” – 99-year-old first-time author Sam Baker

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17 Jan

How to Sell Short Stories to Build a Career in 2022

Banner - TypewriterSo you’ve written a short story. Congratulations! Amazing! Wonderful!

All the way until someone online (who’ve likely never even written anything) tells you that 1) short stories don’t sell and 2) nobody reads short stories anyhow and 3) you should write a novel in the latest Hot, Trendy Genre instead of wasting your time.

What a load of crock. Read More