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Shut up and write, Kevin J. Anderson quoteI have a great idea. I think it over, twist and turn it in my mind. It’s good. No, it’s brilliant, it’s freaking amazing! It’s something that could actually take off, go somewhere. People would enjoy it. I should totally do this.

I think about it. I jot down notes. I look for free slots of time when I could do this.

And I don’t.

My name is Filip and I’ve got procrastinitis*. I’ve got trouble getting started. Once I get going I can crank out a thousand words no problem. I can whip up a game prototype in no time flat. I can transcribe interviews, sort notes, fold laundry, anything and everything.

If I get started. (more…)

Procrastination posterI have moments when I really want to design but I can’t manage to force myself to sit down and do the work. I putter around, surf, read BoardGameGeek, Wikipedia, webcomics, news sites. I try to think about my design but I do it half-heartedly, my mind wandering off to how glorious my game is going to be rather than working on how it is now. I sit, I stare and I waste time until I realize that I’m procrastinating and have to do something about it.

I used to think that procrastination was a sign that my ability was blocked, my muse gone on vacation. Then I thought that it was because I feared success or failure, that I couldn’t stand the idea of showing my work to somebody. I read and read, going through the self-help shelf at the library the way a drug addict goes through strings of cocaine. It’d help for a while but once the euphoria of Eureka! had worn off I’d be back in the old cycle of productivity-procrastination. (more…)