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Forget gentle terraforming techniques. We’re here to melt stuff and blow shit up!

Industrial break isn’t bread. Not even close.

But on the up-side, it is an amazing accomplishment of engineering!

So the US Department of Agriculture is giving away wasps. Real, live wasps. And incredibly, it’s not only a good thing, but it’s a necessary thing. Check it out:

It’s called “biomonitoring” and it’s real…

Sometimes, not working is the way to go…

Some cool new aluminum batteries. Might be the way to go to avoid carbon and global warming.

Either way, Matt Ferrell is very enthusiastic, and will give you a positivity boost.

What happens if you take AI-bots, and train them in martial arts moves for 10 years? Some pretty cool stuff!

We’re in the middle of the fourth agricultural revolution – and this one is all about green tech, intelligent tech, and saving the world…

The world has lots of dangers, from pandemics, to nuclear war, to climate change. But is humanity doomed?

Probably not. Here’s why:

Ever seen those movies where a hacker sits at a computer, typing their attacks? Forget about them.

This is how Zero Day Exploit Warfare works: