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Delicious, delicious mushrooms. Nicely sauteed, crisp and brown, with just a tad of chewiness, and a boat-load of science behind it.

I’m getting hungry just watching the video. Check it out:

What do you do when you design a robotic mouse that can solve a maze, any maze?

You turn the mouse microscopic, put a turbo engine on it, and run it like a bat out of hell!

Check it out:

From Matt Farrel: a new propeller design that makes drones and ships quiet, and saves on fuel at the same time. It’s incredibly simple – and it’s been invented by two different teams at the same time.

But if it’s so simple, why hasn’t it been invented earlier? Watch and see:

From Kurzgesagt, and the Bill Gates foundation:

In 2007, Terry Pratchett (and if you haven’t heard of Terry, you really have no business calling yourself a fantasy reader) was diagnosed with PCA, a form of Alzheimer’s disease. He was 59 years old at the time, making it an early onset dementia.

Choosing to battle it, he made a public announcement a few months later, and agreed to have a BBC camera crew follow him every day for a year to show how living with Alzheimer’s could be.

Here’s the first part of the documentary:

So you’ve got a problem: you’re sending people on a year-long voyage with no gravity, and people don’t work well without gravity.

Simple solution: you spin up your space ship and create your own gravity. Problem solved.

Except that people haven’t evolved to live in a small, spinning frame of reference, and when you raise your arms, only to have them go sideways instead, motion sickness is the least of your worries…

Watch the lab training astronauts for precisely that:

Aquaponics is growing plants on water, and breeding fish beneath the water. It’s like your own custom ecosystem in miniature, and it takes a lot less resources than traditional agriculture, not to mention land.

Is it the future of farming? Maybe, but maybe not. Check out Matt’s video on it:

I’ve posted this before. But it still needs looking at.

Click on the image.

Then scroll, all the way down…

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Bees are just as sensitive as sniffer dogs – and take a fraction of the time to train.

Of course, you need to insert them into a piece of electronics to make it work.