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Status Reports

Sales and SubmissionsSo the year is at an end. Yeah, yeah, new year, new possibilities, same old 24 hours/day. Anyway, here’s how I did in 2016:

Writing wise I…
(2015 numbers in paranthesis)

… submitted 164 (109) stories to publishers.
… got 4 (8) stories accepted.
… of which 4 (2) acceptances were by pro markets.
So, more submissions, less acceptances. But I only submitted to pro markets this year, meaning that all of my acceptances were from pro markets. Which rocks! (more…)

Sales and SubmissionsSeptember was better than August. A lot better. I managed to actually sit down and do some work again, pounding out close to 19 000 words.

For a while I felt on a roll. Then I had the week from hell…


Sales and SubmissionsSo there hasn’t been a new blog post for a while. It’s one of those IRL things – when time and energy become scarce I’ve needed to prioritize. And I’ve chosen writing above writing about writing.

But here’s an update about what’s been going on.


Sales and SubmissionsI’ve been doing something wrong. I’ve been calling it my Rejections and Dejections. Of course I’ll never sell anything that way. So from now on it’s “Sales and Submissions”.

And, yeah, I did think of calling it “Sales and Sunshine”. (more…)

Rejections and Dejections GraphThis month started with a bang and ended with a fizzle. I hit the doldrums in my precious not-so-novel writing project, I tested out a new prototype to the point where I have to start taking it apart in order to improve it, and I lost all forward momentum.

Then I sold a story. (more…)

Rejections and Dejections GraphThis has been an amazing month. I’ve written a lot, played a lot of games and playtested a bit. Overall I feel that things are picking up, although I expect that the next month will be slower due to the amount of time I’ve spent on writing and game design this month, and not being able to match it in May.

But we’ll see. Here’s what happened this month: (more…)

Rejections and Dejections GraphSo this month’s been interesting. I went on an emotional roller coaster with both my writing and my life. Generally, looking back, I’m happy how things turned out with my writing. (more…)

Rejections and Dejections GraphSince I came back to work in mid-February I’ve been cranking out texts, both work related and fiction. I think this is one of my most productive months to date, even though I only worked half a month. Sometimes it’s amazing to see what you manage when you’re rested.

My goals for the month have been to submit all the stories that I got rejections for when I was on vacation, and to finish a few stories that I had clogging my hard drive[note]No, that’s not an allusion to anything dirty.[/note]. I have to say that I managed to do marvelously. Also, I’m writing while sitting in a child’s recliner which pinches my butt[note]Because my butt is too broad, that’s what vacation will do to you.[/note] and having my computer on the sofa table, which is way too low, while workmen take my workroom apart and install an new wardrobe. Which won’t have anything writing related in it, or even anything cool. Unless you count my 15-year-old Speedos. (more…)

Rejections and Dejections GraphThis month I’ve been taking it easy. Literally  – I’ve been spending time with family, eating good food and swimming.

I’ve also been bad at keeping track of my work, thus the “completed” words are more than the “new words”. (more…)

Rejections and Dejections GraphIn mid-November I crashed and stopped writing. This held on until mid-December, when I started feeling like I was back to myself. One of the key things I did this month was to remove my daily “you’ve got to write” prompt from my to-do list.

Three days later I stared writing. (more…)