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Another restful video, this one’s got subtitles with the research notes to what’s going on.

A peaceful video today – making high-quality shoes by hand:

Banner: Meditation at the lakeshoreI’m not lazy, no matter what my father said during my teenage years. I like to work. I like to create. What I don’t like, is pointless busywork, or work where I feel I’m not making progress.

At those times, my pace slows down, and I don’t really produce anything. For a long time, when this happened, I would give up. (more…)

Banner: running in the snowI’ve been told that I am ambitious and having two day jobs and a third on the way, as well as my writing and game designing, I concede that there might be something in that.

There’s nothing wrong with doing lots of things all at once, as long as it’s fun. Everyone is happy, right?

Not quite. (more…)

Dice graphicImagine that someone forced you to complete difficult tasks of uncertain value while others were actively trying to disrupt your work.

Now imagine that you chose to do it of your own free will.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what we’re doing when we’re playing games. And the single word “chose” is the difference between fun and toiling under a sadistic taskmaster.

The rest is the same: the rules, the limitations, the work and the stress. But when we choose to do it it’s not bad stress, it’s good stress. (more…)