01 Jul

The Amazing, Counter-Intuitive Way Phones Work

Banner: Movie clickSo you’re browsing this on your phone. Or your WiFi. Or anything that isn’t connected to a metal cable.

So is everyone else around you. Which shouldn’t be possible, considering the amount of radio wave frequencies, and the amount of users.

That’s where the amazing division and mathematical twits come in – now we get to share the same radio, at the same time, and no one is the wiser!

Watch the whole documentary:

07 Feb

NFTs – The Future or A Stupid Way to Collect Sports Cards?

Banner - Computer ChartsLet’s get the elephant out of the room. I think NFTs are overrated. Both in terms of money, and in terms of usability.

They are imaginary, resting on a social convention and people’s faulty understanding of technology. They have an outsized environmental impact (or rather the blockchains most NFTs rely on do, although that’s improving.)

And they add nothing, except a huge financial bubble, and yet another a way for organized crime to launder money.

But let’s explain NFTs so that we both know what we’re talking about. An NFT is a number. Nothing more, nothing less. Read More