30 Sep

Spark Wednesday: What if?

Here’s an idea: what if old 8-bit computer games came to take over the world? What would happen? Would it be cool or horrible?

There are many ways to spark ideas, the “what if method” is one of them. So for this spark ask yourself “what if”.

  • What if your game changed core or supporting mechanics?
  • What if your novel was set under water (that’s the premise of David Brin’s amazing Startide Rising Amazon )?
  • What if you had to remove every fifth word from your story (that’s what Jerry Pournelle did with his classic military SF Janissaries and it became a much better book for it)?
  • Or simply  what if something strange happened?

Oh, and take a look at the originals to the Pixels movie:

25 May

(Self-)Editing for Writers

This one will be shorter, or longer than usual. Mainly due to it being a video where someone else is doing all the talking.

Here’s a 50 minute talk given by David Farland/Dave Wolverton (same person, two names – pseudonym dudes!) at Life, Universe & Everything in 2011. It’s well wroth the watch, especially his Triage Editing (3:20) and his Syllabic Edit (27:45).

Go watch!

Once you’re done, here’s Dave’s website: http://davidfarland.com/ He’s got a great writing newsletter which I subscribe to.

09 Apr

TheOneTAR youtube channel – Interviews with industry pros

I don’t usually watch videos as they take too much of my time compared to reading the same amount of information. But I recently came across Tiffany Ralph’s board game industry interviews and I’ve been chewing my way through them.

Most of them are very good, and they cover a wide range of questions, from pure beginner issues to in depth stuff that even experienced designers could use.

Linky: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOneTAR