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The military world is strange, very, very strange. Here’s proof:

The words “war crime” have been thrown around a lot lately. But what is a war crime? Here’s the answer:

This is going to be a complete fanboy rave. That does not mean it’s not true.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a military history geek, especially modern military history, say 1930’s and onward. Not enough to lecture at university, but enough to know what the War of the Running Dogs was, and who Martin van Creveld is.

And I love Perun.

There are a lot of great military history channels on YouTube. HistoryMarche for ancient history, Drachinifel for naval history, Lindybeige for, well, everything (including jitterbug). But Perun stands out. (more…)

It’s flat, it’s fast, it’s cool. Meet Stridsvagn 103, the Swedish turretless main battle tank.

So what does it sound like to get shot at? Fttt, wzzz, zing?

Check out Garand Thumb’s video below and out*.

(*Content warning: annoying man-boy humor.)

A classic Soviet WWII weapon, made in the millions, and likely a contributing factor to the Allies’ winning the war.

What it says, and going all nit-picky over our favorite WWII movies.

Ever seen those movies where a hacker sits at a computer, typing their attacks? Forget about them.

This is how Zero Day Exploit Warfare works:

Banner: Movie clickThe tank is dead, long live the tank!

Well, not quite. The tank, a big, protected, fast vehicle with a big gun, isn’t going away anytime soon, no matter how many missiles, mines and other anti-tank weapons are developed.

Not because it’s indestructible, but because its so damned good at what it does. Take a look at The Chieftan’s analysis:

Banner: Movie clickWARNING! Very bloody, and quite unpleasant.

That said, a Marine Trauma Surgeon reviewing wound and medical scenes in various movies. If you’re writing war, this is the thing to watch for inspiration.