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WiF – World in Flames

Power Grid/Carcassonne smashup imageI hate downtime. I’ve always done it. But recently I realized that I really don’t.

See, there’s several kinds of downtime. I’ve always thought there was but one but in retrospect it’s easy to see that there’s always been two and, if one draws the analysis a step further, three, and I hate only one of them.

I’ve taken the liberty of naming them plan time, dead time and rest time. (more…)

Buzz Marketing For Creative TypesWe’re inundated with information. Everywhere we look there’s a flashing sign: read, know, sense and buy, buy, buy. Buy our product, our brand, our life, our politics, ideas, opinions. Buy.

Just look at this year’s Essen list. Over a thousand new games, and that’s only in a small segment of a rather limited market, a market that has to compete against Old Media, New Media, and Real Life for that singular currency of human attention and time. So let’s put our information on the web and we’ll get thousands of interested parties.

Yeah, right. (more…)