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The words “war crime” have been thrown around a lot lately. But what is a war crime? Here’s the answer:

From Matt Farrel: a new propeller design that makes drones and ships quiet, and saves on fuel at the same time. It’s incredibly simple – and it’s been invented by two different teams at the same time.

But if it’s so simple, why hasn’t it been invented earlier? Watch and see:

So you’ve got a problem: you’re sending people on a year-long voyage with no gravity, and people don’t work well without gravity.

Simple solution: you spin up your space ship and create your own gravity. Problem solved.

Except that people haven’t evolved to live in a small, spinning frame of reference, and when you raise your arms, only to have them go sideways instead, motion sickness is the least of your worries…

Watch the lab training astronauts for precisely that:

Aquaponics is growing plants on water, and breeding fish beneath the water. It’s like your own custom ecosystem in miniature, and it takes a lot less resources than traditional agriculture, not to mention land.

Is it the future of farming? Maybe, but maybe not. Check out Matt’s video on it:

The title says it all. Watch and learn!

You know that little “s” in “https”? The one that says your connection to a site is secure? Forget it.

None of that is secure. Not for long.

Quantum computing is about to absolutely obliterate decoding of RSA cryptography. Fortunately, there are solutions available – but no one is using them yet.

Banner: Movie clickSo you’re browsing this on your phone. Or your WiFi. Or anything that isn’t connected to a metal cable.

So is everyone else around you. Which shouldn’t be possible, considering the amount of radio wave frequencies, and the amount of users.

That’s where the amazing division and mathematical twits come in – now we get to share the same radio, at the same time, and no one is the wiser!

Watch the whole documentary:

Banner: Movie clickLike the title say: the largest piece of chain-mail every created. And it’s there to protect a house.

From the rain.

You can’t make this things up. See the video:

Banner: Movie clickEver wondered why airlines don’t do more for the economy class passengers, considering how much they do for the premium, business, and first class ones?

Money, plain and simple.

Because all of those economy class people aren’t worth diddly squat to the airlines…