30 Nov

Why you’re Writing Technology Wrong

Technology Stabs You in the Back - Carrie Snow quote

Technology Stabs You in the Back - Carrie Snow quoteI love technology in stories. It works. It doesn’t require upgrades, it doesn’t crash and there’s no need to read the fine print in the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Terminator never needs to reboot (ok, he does but that’s because he gets pummeled into prickly metal paste and we need that moment when the eye fades then goes red again). No one aboard the Enterprise complains about the poor User Interface, or requires captain Picard to install ergonomic touch screens. Everything just works.

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20 Nov

Why World War II is the Perfect Setting

Star Wars is World War II

Star Wars is World War IIWhen I was young I loved World War II. I read everything I could get my hands on about WWII, from military histories, to biographies to [amazon template=onlytext&asin=1594160031&title=The Execution of Private Slovik], a non-fiction narrative of private Eddie Slovik, the only American soldier to be executed for desertion.

When I became older I read Theodor Plievier‘s Stalingrad and realized two things:

  1. War is horrible.
  2. World War II is the perfect setting.

Why else do you think it’s used in Star Wars, Star Trek and The Terminator? Read More