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The 5 Worst Single Player Games Of All Time

Angry FaceSo my gaming group decides to ditch me even though I set aside time for those schmucks. F them! I’m going to play our announced games anyway! I’m gonna be the god of single player gaming!

Hanabi – OMG, how can people even consider this game? It’s soo baaaaad! I had so high hopes for Hanabi and it total stinks. I played with four players and I couldn’t hold more than two sets of cards in my hands at anyone time. I had to stick the other cards between two beer cans in order to play the game. That’s so inconvenient! And I spilled beer on my cards. Now no one will want to buy this stupid game and I’m out fifteen bucks. The whole thing with the fuse tokens is ridiculous. Like anyone would ever have to use them, the game is way to easy. This game seriously needs some opposition, it just doesn’t work as a coop.

WereWolf – So the moderator is the first person killed in each game? I killed myself and then the game was over. That’s soooo ridiculous. I played 12 solo games of Werewolf so I know what I’m talking about! At least the game is quick. I don’t think any game took more than three minutes.

Diplomacy ComponentsDiplomacy – Now this is a game! I love how you get to set up armies and backstab each other and such. I played with 7 players and each player got a pad and a pencil in their own color so I could tell them apart. Isn’t that cool? But the game stinks. The whole politics phase is completely meaningless, a waste of time. I ended up watching TV while the clock ran. This game should be a co-op!

Coup – Booooring. All I did was take coins and kill characters in turn order. Bluffing is just suicidal. The game is clearly broken.

6 Nimmt! – Waaaaay to much calculations. Going through all the hands and figuring out the optimal strategy was a bit nice but the game didn’t have any meat in it. Once you figure out how to play it’s only placing cards and bookkeeping. But I managed to get one player to take all the cattle heads. Serves him right for not showing up.

(Big sorry to Hanabi and 6 Nimmt!, we like you, we do. Regular content returns next week.)

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